Your probably on Facebook or Twitter today finding all these amazing things that you think are true, but you look at the calendar and remember “Oh yeah, it’s April Fools Day so none of this is true”. Well, we have something that is amazing and no, it’s not something that was just made up to fool you. It’s called Little Privacy Cleaner and it’s our newest addition to our growing collection of open source software.

Little Privacy Cleaner looks into every nook and crevice of Windows and programs in order to remove files that are no longer needed in order to free up disk space and speed up the computer.

Like the name says, Little Privacy Cleaner is a software program designed to protect your privacy by cleaning your computer. For example: when you browse the internet, something called “cookies” are stored on your computer with information like websites that you visit and advertisements that you clicked on. This information can be harmful to your computer if it gets infected with a virus or malware. This is where Little Privacy Cleaner comes in.

Little Privacy Cleaner will not only clear cookies but it will also clear information stored by various other programs that you use on a day to day basis. Although Little Privacy Cleaner doesn’t clean everything, we did set it up so developers can create their own plugins to clean software that wasn’t already included with it. If you want to create a plugin, then we’ve included a sample at (and if you do create one, please let us know so we can share it with others).

Now for the technical information on Little Privacy Cleaner. Little Privacy Cleaner is coded using C# and thus it utilizes the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5. As with all our other software programs, it is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. It uses an SQLite library (System.Data.SQLite) in order to interact with programs like Firefox and Google Chrome. The plugins for Little Privacy Cleaner are coded using the Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. We should also note that if you wish to use the source code for Little Privacy Cleaner, then you will need to also download the plugins separate from our download mirror.

This version that is being released today is v0.1 and it is also a beta version. If you encounter any bugs that need fixing or features that you think should be added, then please post them on Little Privacy Cleaners Launchpad website. I have included a link to download the installer for Little Privacy Cleaner below and if you would like to download either the portable edition or source code, then please go to our download mirror website. Enjoy!

[downloadbutton url=”” info=”Windows / 4.71 MB”]