This post is to bring to light the few people out there that thinks it is okay to take Little Apps’ software and sell it without permission. These people think that it’s totally fine to take somebody elses hard work, change a few things and sell it like they created it. They do not realize the time that goes into making this software nor do they know anything about licensing. All these people seem to care about is how they can profit off of it.

If you look at these websites that are trying to sell Little Apps’ software, you will notice that they don’t have a valid SSL certificate and they want your credit card information over an unsecured connection (which should be your first red flag). They also very poor grammar on their website, the text isn’t capitalized properly and some are too lazy to even change the icon.

Another thing is that they sometimes have a toll free number listed and if you do a Google search of that toll free number, you’ll see other websites with that number. This is another scam on it’s own (referred to as the technical support scam). What they do is put this phone number out there and say “call this number if your having this problem”. When people call it, this is when they try to get your personal information, credit card, and usually make your problem worse.

All of the Little Apps’ software is free and open source. The only time you would have to pay, is if you gave a donation (which you can do by clicking here). If you’d like to use the source code (or all of it), there are proper avenues (which are mentioned in this FAQ) that you can take. Below is the list of websites that are scamming people. If you have discovered or got taken by a website that is just reselling Little Apps’ software, then please feel free to contact me and I’ll look into adding it to this list. screenshot