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´╗┐Little Registry Cleaner
Copyright (C) 2008 Little Apps (http://www.little-apps.org/)

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

- Dialogs are opened with main dialog as owner
- Added Drivers Section
- Opens seperate dialog for scanning
- Prompts user to exit
- Scan dialog should completely load before scanning
- Now scans for missing ActiveX files
- Now uses SHGetSpecialFolderPath() API to get path to fonts folder
- No longer uses AddInvalidSubKey()
- Fixed the way registry data is stored
- Added toolbar with scan, fix and settings options
- Removed data column from listview
- Uses listview to store invalid registry keys and backs up checked keys with XML Registry
- Scans again once fix is clicked
- Added restore dialog and xml parser for treeview
- Error dialog to catch exceptions thrown by threads
- Most errors now are shown in error dialog
- Fixes all registry keys when there is an error
- Display error dialog only in debug mode
- Added notify icon to system tray
- Shows balloon tip when scanning is finished
- Added logger class to log actions to files
- Restore dialog now has listview that shows when file was created, also added option to delete file
- Main dialog can now be resized
- Changed layout of Options and Main dialog
- Program can now be started minimized
- Integrated new options into program
- The fix toolstrip menu item is now disabled after it is clicked
- Now uses the treeview to get the number of sections to scan
- Added restore icon to toolstrip menu
- Replaced Delete button with Open Directory in Restore dialog
- Restore dialog can now be resized
- Restore dialog now shows the size of the files
- Added ability to scan help files and windows sounds
- Changed about dialog layout
- Creates restore point (XP only)
- Created seperate section for application paths, now scans display icons in add/remove programs
- Added problem attribute to xml files
- Main dialog now resizes properly
- Removed option to autostart LRC when windows starts up

+ Version 0.1 Released

- Now checks for null registry keys and sub keys in sound section and also fixed the store function value name
- Fixed bug in ExtractRunPath() that caused "Index was outside the bounds of the array."
- No longer removes whole subkey if InprocServer32 is invalid, created function to parse InprocServer32 files
- Rewrote functions in COM.cs to use RegistryKey class
- Added author link to about dialog, added event to process links in text box
- Created context menu for result listview, added ability to add keys to exclude list
- The result listview now resizes the columns to fit the data
- Fixed error in appinfo.cs, also recoded VerifyUninstallList()
- Added shortcut keys to menustrip + added website and changelog buttons to help menustrip
- Added build time to error dialog + about dialog + log files
- Changed the backup and log directory to the common program files directory
- User can now change the log directory

+ Version 0.2 Released

- Recoded CheckAutoRun() in StartUp.cs
- Now scans HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\Run + other startup keys
- Now displays the number of items scanned
- Removed the "stop" button and added the control box to the scan dialog, also added title
- Scanners now use threads instead of calling them directly
- Check for update function
- Application settings function (scans for registry keys with no data)
- Added event when form closes to ask to continue instead of when action is taken
- Added context menu to notify icon
- deleteAsXml() function now deletes sub keys and values
- No longer deletes whole subkey when an invalid CLSID is found
- Update function now checks a file to see if it is the latest version
- Cleaned up ExtractRunPath() and added check for empty strings
- Added icons to menu strip and text to toolstrip
- Scanning starts after scan dialog is shown

+ Version 0.3 Released

- Added retry button to check for update function when its unable to connect
- Scanner now uses Invoke when calls are made from other threads
- The scanner can now be aborted
- Uses HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Regedit\LastKey to view a registry key in regedit
- Now uses a new exception handler dialog that uses the WebClient to send bug reports
- Update function uses a dialog and downloads xml file to get the changelog and download url
- Displays messagebox before removing subkey from ignore list
- Doesn't scan "SOFTWARE\Classes" subkey in app settings
- Clears old results before starting a new scan
- Checks for minor version of OS when creating restore point
- Scans SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Drivers32 instead of SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Drivers
- Scans DefaultIcon, AppID, InprocServer, File Extensions, and Browser Helper Objects

+ Version 0.4 Released

- Added better handling for inner exceptions, also shows target site function name
- Checks if DefaultIcon is null before checking the path in Active/COM scanner
- Exceptions can now be handled on calling threads
- Uses Toolstrip container in main dialog
- Updated website URLs so they go to new one
- Displays current version in about dialog

+ Version 0.5 Released

- Removed Grip Style from toolstrip
- Checks if registry key exists before adding new exclude entry
- Removed Eventargs classes
- No longer uses the WebClient to get the update.xml
- Removed ADDED and FIXED from Change Log
- Treeview is registered to Node Mouse Click event
- Tries to catch SecurityException when opening registry keys
- Fixed bug when listing exceptions in ErrorDlg.cs
- Lists Dictionary Entries from Exception Data in ErrorDlg.cs
- Fixed regular expressions in Startup.cs

+ Version 0.6 Released

- Recoded Logger class
- Writes exception message to debug listeners when SecurityException is caught
- Fixed up StartUp.cs
- Checks if registry key exists before scanning key in ScanBHOReferences()
- Sees if System Restore service is running before creating restore point (fixed: goes thru service list instead of trying to create a reference)
- Added finally to try-catch block in StartScanning()
- Deletes subkey tree from base key instead of deleting it from the parent subkey
- Added help menu items that redirect to launchpad project
- Added History List scanner to scan "Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer\\RecentDocs"
- Tries to catch ObjectDisposedException when storing registry keys
- Stops current thread immediatley when scanning is stopped
- Checks for update when program starts

+ Version 0.7 Released

- Fixed FILETIME compile warnings
- Corrected bad registry paths in AppInfo.cs
- Uses array to pass bad registry keys instead of just using the ListView
- No longer uses Program settings for sections to scan
- Log file path can be accessed statically
- FileExists and DirExists are used instead of Directory.Exists() and File.Exists()
- Moved IconExists() and SearchFilePath() to Misc.cs
- Cleaned up scanners
- StartScanning() is now a ThreadPool
- ScanDlg is now longer passed to Scanners as a parameter, it is a static variable
- UpdateScanSubKey() is a static function
- Registry objects are casted properly
- Created LaunchURI function to check for default web browser (fixed: checks for null strings)
- Made a minor fix to CreateRestorePoint()
- Added more checks to ScanBHOReferences(), renamed it to ScanExplorer()

+ Version 0.8 Released

- Restore points can be created on Windows ME, XP, and Vista
- Creates restore points before fixing registry problems instead of before scanning and also creates restore point before restoring
- Uses function instead of try-catch to find invalid path characters
- Added Icons to TreeView Sections
- Added registry optimizer
- Asks user to exit program no matter what close reason is and shows dialog if it is minimized
- Displays number of problems found in scan dialog
- No longer uses ExtractRunPath() to get file arguments thanks to discovery of PathGetArgs() and PathRemoveArgs() :D
- Added startup manager that lists current programs that are launched at startup
- Added uninstall managaer that lists installed programs
- Searches App Paths "Path" value name for file and also deletes whole subkey instead of just default value
- Uses Windows API's to go to exact value name in regedit instead of just setting LastKey
- Scans Add Remove Programs Cache for old programs
- Changed contact email to nick@littleapps.co.cc
- Updated Crash Reporter, no longer sends name and email, also can restart program
- Fixed bug when optimizer closes
- Shows total size difference between registry hives in optimizer, also fixed a minor bug
- Fixed bug causing restore points to not be created

+ Version 1.0 Released

- Scans HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts for unused file extensions
- Cleaned up COMObjects.cs
- No longer collects Machine and username in crash reporter
- Changed the look of update dialog, also added date to xml file
- Uses CollectionBase class to store bad registry keys in array
- Uses shlwapi.dll instead to parse drive type and added check for removable media in Utils.DirExists()
- Cleaned up Utils.cs
- Checks if file exists before extracting arguments in startup manager
- Added check for srclient.dll before creating restore points
- Scan dialog uses Xp Progress Bar
- Added TreeListView that performs combines the treeview and listview into one and also added project for controls
- BadRegistryKey class uses ListViewItem as base class
- Moved xmlRegistry static functions to Utils class
- Scanner classes are now static to make thread calling faster
- Optimizer wont compact registry if difference is more than 90%
- Hive class implements IDisposable interface
- Implemented TreeViewAdv into Startup Manager and removed vista message when running a program
- ExtractFileLocation() is private and integrated into ExtractArguments()
- Added images to startup manager tree view
- Fixed bug in uninstall manager that causes not to update listview properly
- Startup and uninstall manager can no longer be minimized and maximized
- Buttons are bigger in Uninstall manger and it is not started maximized
- Displays message box instead of notify box when form is activated
- Moved Logger class back to seperate file
- Opens log file after scanning finishes
- Doesnt show crash reporter when debugging is enabled
- Optimizer will now be in its own project (Little Registry Optimizer)
- LaunchURI() checks for default browser HKCR\HTTP\shell\open\command
- Startup Manager will check if item is leaf before executing operation

+ Version 1.1 Released

- Removed HKLM from subkey path in RemoveFromRegistry()
- Removed View Changelog from main menu
- Checks for updates every 2 weeks
- Fixed invalid argument when trying to view registry key without value name
- Crash reporter wont be displayed when debugging
- Updated assembly info
- Fixed installer script so it deletes desktop shortcut
- Checks for missing CLSID references in ProgID's
- Added sorter for List View in main dialog
- Scans for missing installer folders (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Folders)
- Makes sure registry key is writable before adding it to array
- Displays type of exception in crash reporter
- Log files are copied and displayed only if there were bad registry keys
- Fixed program crashing when it calls RegEnumValue() in 64 bit
- Scans needed Wow6432Node subkeys for errors (needs more updating)
- The logger is more verbose
- Fixed updater because it wasnt checking the right timespan
- Added option to disable log being showed after scanning
- Only checks last time since update when program starts

+ Version 1.2 Released

- Scan dialog is thread safe
- Scanners use base class to save coding and work
- Added details control to display more information
- Convert value to string function is now a static function
- Checks if registry key is not null before continuing in AppInfo.cs
- Checks for MsiExec in UninstallString instead of evaluating WindowsInstaller in AppInfo.cs
- Changed the log formatting of bad registry keys
- Displays files and directorys being scanned in scan dialog
- Resets details control after scanning is finished
- Fixed null bug in COMObjects.ScanClasses()
- Catches DllNotFoundException if srclient.dll cant be found when creating system restore points
- Catches Exception if unable to convert SystemComponent or EstimatedSize when retrieving ARP info
- Disabled textbox editing in startup manager
- Uses TreeViewAdv so UI has more nicer graphical design
- Fixed "Index was outside the bounds of the array" exception in xmlRegistry.addRegistryValues(Int32 hKey)
- Startup file paths are checked before being added to manager
- Startup scanner has been fixed (also added 64bit compatiblity)
- Cross checks start menu registry keys with folders for obsolete keys
- Did some minor fixes to the ProgramList class
- Files and folders can be added to the exclude list
- Doesnt recursively check for obsolete software keys
- Added checks for files and folders before there added to the problem list
- Locks stream writer in logger so it cant be opened or written to at the same time
- Logger uses streamwriter as a base class
- Crash Reporter no longer saves reports to the hard disk before sending them
- RegEditGo uses SetForegroundWindow instead of ShowWindow to bring up regedit
- ActiveX scanner uses ole32.dll to get CLSID from program id and check icons

+ Version 1.3 Released

- Application info scanner uses program info class to collect data
- Application Info scanner and uninstall manager use program info to get slow info cache
- Added more checks for null or empty strings before checking for files/directories
- No longer throws an exception when the path is null/empty in FileExists and DirExists()
- Checks for value name + others before being added to bad registry key array
- Did some minor fixes to the ActiveX/COM scanner
- Changes to wait cursor when scanning
- Fixed bug causing duplicates in uninstall manager

+ Version 1.3.1 Released

- Calls ShowErrorMessage() instead of throwing an exception everytime in xmlRegistry
- Fixed bug causing the whole startup subkey to be stored and removed
- Displays if user is administrator and if process is being debugged in crashreporter
- Added Try-Catch blocks for System.Security.SecurityException in Fonts, HelpFiles and Sounds
- Cleaned up nested try-catch blocks in scanners
- Fixed the tab order in the dialogs
- Build Time uses MM/dd/yyyy format instead of ToShortDateString because of windows 7 new format
- Checks for update when dialog is shown instead of loaded
- Changed window settings for restore dialog and startup manager
- Directory settings are controlled through Settings.cs instead of Program.cs
- Build time is returned in Settings.cs instead of Program.cs

+ Version 1.3.2 Released

- Fixed the updater so that the build dates can be compared
- No longer sets the last update time in Program.cs
- Uses Generic Sans Serif font family for advanced tree view instead of Tahoma
- Removed label above section list in main dialog and replaced "My Computer" with "Sections to Scan"
- System restore works with Windows Se7en and beyond
- Creates restore point if running program for first time
- No longer waits for log file to close before fixing problems
- Tries to catch exception if an error is thrown when uninstalling a program or removing a registry key
- Uses ListViewItem.Tag to store programinfo instead of dictionary
- No longer sets last update date before program exits
- Sets owner of registry key and uses default values instead of existing ones in grantRegistryKeyRights()

+ Version 1.3.3 Released

- Collapses nodes instead of expanding them when finished scanning registry
- Upgrades settings to newer version if program has been updated
- Displays icon associated with section in treeview advanced
- Removed expanding icon control from treeview advanced
- Changed icon for Program Locations in treeview to correct one
- No longer imports ole32.dll for ActiveX/COM scanner
- Checks ProgID's for missing icons
- Checks for access to regedit.exe and adds correct access if its incorrect
- Fixed icon for software settings
- Tries to catch exception when removing startup entry if file or registry value doesnt exist
- Checks if user is administrator when program starts up

+ Version 1.3.4 Released

- LRC has translations for 17 different languages
- Fixed backup directory, it doesnt point to the common program files once options are changed
- The backup and logs directory will be in the current directory if the release is portable edition
- Renamed scanner files to more proper names
- Uses my own code instead of Type.GetTypeFromProgID()
- Replaced checkboxes with listview in options so different languages can be displayed properly
- Added power user option that allows the program to automatically repair problems and close the program
- Country flags are displayed beside each language
- Automatically changes to current ui culture once the program is started
- Translated strings that are not controls and are in the code files
- Fixed error when switching to chinese (traditional or simplified)
- Upgraded TreeView Advanced to version 1.7
- Expands all nodes when finished scanning registry
- Added a sorter tree model so the results can be sorted
- Details are shown in a window instead of in the main window
- Added status strip to display welcome and results messages

+ Version 1.4 Released

- Restore points are saved to correct location (v1.4.0.1 released)
- Removed unneeded label in scan dialog
- Updated Russian Translations
- Updated Dutch Translations
- Added Hungarian Translations
- Updated Portuguese Translation
- Updated Polish Translation
- Updated Italian Translations
- Updated Swedish Translations
- Changes registry key rights when removing values and sub keys
- Added Turkish Translations
- Checks for Common Tools.dll when program starts
- Updated Greek Translations
- Added Lithuanian Translations
- Updated Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) Translations
- Updated Turkish Translations
- Changed bug report URL
- Scans HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam\MUICache for invalid file references
- Programs using the Windows Installer can be uninstalled using the uninstall manager
- Uninstall manager is compatible with 64-bit systems
- Creates first system restore when LRC is installed instead of when it first starts
- Updated assembly information

+ Version 1.4.1 Released

- Fixed uninstall manager bug with x86 systems (v1.4.1.1 released)
- Startup manager is compatible with 64-bit systems
- Replaced blank icons with default application icon in startup manager
- Skips nodes with no children from expanding (Thanks to Dmitriy P.)
- Fixed bug that prevented LRC from switching languages on non-english systems (Thanks to Dmitriy P.)
- Reassociated invert selection control with event (Thanks to Dmitriy P.)
- Added localized Properties/Resources.resx files to project (Thanks to Dmitriy P.)
- Added Persian Translations
- Uses a timer instead of invoke to update scanning status
- Updated Swedish Translations
- Ignores registry keys that don't have full access

+ Version 1.4.2 Released

- Now compatible with Microsoft Windows Restart Manager
- Updated Spanish Translations (Thanks to Fitoschido)
- Updated German Translations (Thanks to Chris G)
- Updated French Translations (Thanks to Tulip V)
- Compatible with Windows 7 task bar
- Program no longer starts up maximized
- Fixed recent docs scanner so it displays the correct registry key path
- No longer displays duplicate problems
- Upgraded to Microsoft .NET Framework v4
- Uninstall & Startup Manager are now seperate executables
- Details window is no longer displayed when a parent node is double clicked
- Implemented task scheduler to schedule registry scans
- Registry scans can be started by specifying "/scan" argument
- Integrated DeskMetrics into Little Registry Cleaner

+ Version 1.5 Released

- Fixed bug when trying to create scheduled tasks on Windows Task Scheduler 1.0 (Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003)
- Fixed bug that prevented LRC from closing if DeskMetrics was disabled
- No longer displays bug report when trying to contactDeskMetrics with no internet connection
- NsisDeskMetrics plugin no longer requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package to run
- Added check for null string in PrefixRegPath()
- Manually generates GUID for DeskMetrics if an error occured in System.Guid
- Fixed spelling mistake that prevented LRC to load on Lithuanian computers
- No longer displays exception if "cmdLine" passed to ExtractArguments() is null
- Displays error message instead of exception if file is not found when executed with startup manager

+ Version 1.5.1 Released

- Downgraded Microsoft .NET Framework to v3.5
- Integrated Little Software Stats
- Added new icons
- Integrated AutoUpdater.NET
- Updated Little Registry icon
- Fixed permission problems with removing bad registry keys
- Update Russian translations (Thanks to Sersell)
- Updated German Translations (Thanks to Jurg S.)
- Fixed problem with scheduler not showing correct time for existing job
- Fixed english translations for Little Startup Manager
- Buttons are disabled when nothing is selected in Little Uninstall Manager, Little Startup Manager, and Restore
- Little Registry Cleaner cannot be uninstalled through Little Uninstall Manager if running
- Fixed problem with horizontal scroll bar not displaying correctly
- Update website links to active URLs
- Fixed Little Uninstall Manager from refreshing list when text wasn't changed
- Uses Process.Start() to launch websites and help file in order to prevent window modal problems
- Default settings for re-scan automatically, automatically delete backups after, and system restore changed to disabled

+ Version 1.6 Released