Reading The Boot Sector With Marshalling and P/Invoke

When developing an application for Windows, you’re likely to need some sort of functionality from the Windows API library. The Windows API is basically the backend of the Windows operating system. Since Windows APIs are mostly written in C/C++, you may think that you’ll need to write your program in C/C++ for it to work with it. This isn’t the case; C# (and other programming languages) can be used. In the fourth and final blog post in my series on C#, I will go through using marshaling and P/Invoke to read the NTFS (New Technology File System) boot sector.

Working With Collections

In the third part of my blog series on the C# programming language, I will go through the various types of collections. I use the term “collections” because it is a broad term and the different types of collections are explained below. One advantage of C# is not just the varying types of collections but also the number of ways to work with them.

Events and Delegates

In part two of my series on the C# programming language, I’m going to explain what a delegate and event is. There are a couple different meanings of a delegate in C#. All of the types (delegate, Action, Func, and Predicate) are delegates because they are function pointers to named and anonymous methods. For the purposes of this blog post, delegate refers to the specific data type and not the broader term.

Streams in C#

Binary Stream

Over the course of the following weeks, I am going to be publishing a series of blog posts on C#. I’m of course not talking about the musical note but rather the programming language. The purpose of these blog posts is to introduce you to some of the key concepts in C#. I would be stupid to say you’ll become an expert from this because there’s alot of different aspects to C# and it can’t all be explained in just four blog posts.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here!

I have some very good news to share with everyone (especially software developers). An update for Little Software Stats has finally been released. Some probably were starting to wondering about the future of Little Software Stats, as it’s been quite a while since any update has been released (which there hasn’t been any update until now). I’ve been busy with other things and have been meaning to make time to update Little Software, but didn’t until now.

Top Ten Essential Apps For Windows

Microsoft Windows has gotten a totally cool makeover in the latest release of version 8. They have tried to make the interface very fluid and have added several apps to their store to make it a whole new experience for the user. Some of the best apps for Microsoft Windows 8 are:

Why Should You Use Runtime Intelligence to Monitor Your Software?

Runtime intelligence software (usually referred to as simply ‘RI’), is a method of gauging, analyzing and collecting data or information on the use of software applications. Different professions, and different people, tend to have an assortment of names for the same ability, so when we say ‘runtime intelligence’ we also mean: software intelligence, software business intelligence, software usage analytics and so forth.

Familiarize Yourself With The Most Popular Open Source Software

One of the biggest advantages for which consumers now go after the screamingly expensive branded computers is the ability to install many free software programs that utilize a open software license (such as the GNU General Public License, Apache License, MIT License, etc). For example, software like PDF Creator, File Archiver, Sound Editor, Word Processor, Image Editor and Media Player can be downloaded for free and what’s more is that these open source software programs often exceed all quality expectations made by the user.

Be Aware Of These Apps-holes

This post is to bring to light the few people out there that thinks it is okay to take Little Apps’ software and sell it without permission. These people think that it’s totally fine to take somebody elses hard work, change a few things and sell it like they created it. They do not realize the time that goes into making this software nor do they know anything about licensing. All these people seem to care about is how they can profit off of it.