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  • What is Little Alarm Clock?

    Little Alarm Clock is an open source program that features a snooze button, automatic startup, audio file playback, and much more…

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Little Registry Cleaner

  • Why do I have to clean the registry?

    The truth is that usual daily work of your Windows computer results in numerous registry keys and files being changed in the Windows registry. Many of these entries become obsolete or inaccurate, impairing your systems ability to run smoothly. Even if you properly uninstall a program, it still might leave a few keys and values in the registry. All this litter accumulates over time, causing your computer to slow down, stumbling over missing .exe or .dll files and other hitches. Finally, it stops running.

  • What is the Windows registry? Why is it so important?

    The Windows registry is a directory which stores settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft Windows 32-bit versions, 64-bit versions, and Windows Mobile. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, users, preferences of the PC, etc. Whenever a user makes changes to Control Panel settings, file associations, system policies, or most installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the registry. The registry also provides a window into the operation of the kernel, exposing runtime information such as performance counters and currently active hardware.

    The registry is important because it stores vital information about your Windows system and its configuration, as well as info about all application programs installed on your computer.

    Whenever you add and remove software, change your settings, add new devices, or upgrade your system, your registry is changed. For example, when you install a new printer, information about this device is written to the corresponding part of the registry. If this data is then somehow corrupted, you will not be able to work with the printer.

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  • What are the system requirements for Little Registry Cleaner?
    Operating System Processor RAM
    Windows 2000 233 Mhz 128 MB or higher
    Windows XP (x86 or x64) 300 Mhz 128 MB or higher
    Windows Vista Capable (x86 or x64) 800 Mhz 512 MB or higher
    Windows 7 (x86 or x64) 1 Ghz 1 GB or higher
    Windows 8 (x86 or x64) 1 Ghz 1 GB or higher

    Hard Drive Space
    10MB for program files plus additional space for the backup files

    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (

    Full administrative rights are required to use this program

  • Does Little Registry Cleaner work with Windows x64 bit?

    As of version 1.2, Little Registry Cleaner will work on both 32 and 64 bit machines.

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