In case anyone hasn’t noticed yet, we have been hard at work on a new project called “Little Software Stats”. Here are some answers to some of your questions that you may have wondering…

What is Little Software Stats?

“Little Software Stats will be the first free and open source program that will allow software developers to keep track of how their software is being used. It will be coded in PHP/MySQL which will be able to run on most web servers.” We have decided to not only focus on PC cleanup software but also on software developers (like us!).


After trying to find a software statistics solution for our open source projects, we were astonished to find out that only 1 company would be willing to give us a free account. The most reputable company (PreEmptive Solutions) did offer free solutions for open source projects, but with some strings attached:

  1. Your code must be hosted on CodePlex, or,
  2. Use their “free portal” which is a totally outdated version and very confusing when it came to setting up, or,
  3. Host your own endpoint using the “Runtime Intelligence Endpoint Starter Kit” which is also outdated and pretty much requires Microsoft SharePoint.

I should also note that they pretty much want you to be affiliated with Microsoft in some way or another.

What Information Will Little Software Stats Record?

Little Software Stats will only be used to record information such as:

  • Computer specifications (ie: Processor, RAM, Screen Resolution, Windows Version, etc)
  • When program was executed, installed, or uninstalled
  • Errors that may have occurred
  • What country the user lives in using IP address
  • What the used the program for (ie: Scanning, Updating, etc)

Little Software Stats is NOT meant to collect personal information such as passwords, credit cards, etc. However, should anyone be using it to collect unauthorized personal information, Little Apps is not held responsible.

When Will It Be Released?

We still currently in the development stage with it and do not have a set release date for it yet. However, we will have it released sometime in the near future.

Can I See A Preview Of It?

We are currently working on a example website for Little Software Stats which will be updated nightly. Until then, here are some screenshots from it:


Have some questions of your own? Ask them in the comments below.