Top Ten Essential Apps For Windows

Microsoft Windows has gotten a totally cool makeover in the latest release of version 8. They have tried to make the interface very fluid and have added several apps to their store to make it a whole new experience for the user. Some of the best apps for Microsoft Windows 8 are:

Why Should You Use Runtime Intelligence to Monitor Your Software?

Runtime intelligence software (usually referred to as simply ‘RI’), is a method of gauging, analyzing and collecting data or information on the use of software applications. Different professions, and different people, tend to have an assortment of names for the same ability, so when we say ‘runtime intelligence’ we also mean: software intelligence, software business intelligence, software usage analytics and so forth.

Familiarize Yourself With The Most Popular Open Source Software

One of the biggest advantages for which consumers now go after the screamingly expensive branded computers is the ability to install many free software programs that utilize a open software license (such as the GNU General Public License, Apache License, MIT License, etc). For example, software like PDF Creator, File Archiver, Sound Editor, Word Processor, Image Editor and Media Player can be downloaded for free and what’s more is that these open source software programs often exceed all quality expectations made by the user.

Be Aware Of These Apps-holes

This post is to bring to light the few people out there that thinks it is okay to take Little Apps’ software and sell it without permission. These people think that it’s totally fine to take somebody elses hard work, change a few things and sell it like they created it. They do not realize the time that goes into making this software nor do they know anything about licensing. All these people seem to care about is how they can profit off of it.

The 12 Apps Everyone Needs For (Virtually) Everything

Smartphones, tablets, laptops – devices like these are meant to make everyone’s life better. So why not equip them with actual applications that allow for an easier, more efficient, more enjoyable lifestyle? Of course, there are apps that are already a given, like those of social media networks and the ubiquitous Google services. Then there are those that are slightly less famous but just as useful – and even more helpful – for daily living.

Backup MySQL Databases to Google Drive and FTP

I was looking for a way to backup my MySQL databases using Google Drive and FTP. So, I wrote this PHP script to do just that.This script is useful if you are using something like Little Software Stats, WordPress, or some other web application that utilizes a MySQL database.

Why Runtime Intelligence is Important for Software Developers

Runtime Intelligence (RI) provides a consistent and reliable means to measure and monitor the business impact of the existing net applications, as well as the ongoing development investments within the company, including the planned IT modernization initiatives. Professionals within a given company rely greatly on information when it comes to making an informed decision.

GeoIP Update Problem With Little Software Stats

I was came to the realization that I haven’t been prompted to update the GeoIP database for Little Software Stats in a couple months so I figured I should do a check on whats up. After noticing the date on the GeoIP.dat file was for July, I knew right away that something wasn’t right. Long story short, it turned out there was a problem with file permissions and therefore it wasn’t showing that there was an update (when there was).