Be Aware Of These Apps-holes

This post is to bring to light the few people out there that thinks it is okay to take Little Apps’ software and sell it without permission. These people think that it’s totally fine to take somebody elses hard work, change a few things and sell it like they created it. They do not realize the time that goes into making this software nor do they know anything about licensing. All these people seem to care about is how they can profit off of it.

Coming Soon: Little System Cleaner

I’d like to take this time to talk about a new project I have started (and no, it’s not a baby). I have been working on it for a while but never had the time to get it to where it is now. The project is called “Little System Cleaner”. What it is (going to be) is Little Registry Cleaner, Little Registry Optimizer, Little Privacy Cleaner, and Little Disk Cleaner all bundled into one program. It is being programmed in C# and uses WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for the user interface.

Little Registry Cleaner Update

Today, Little Apps is releasing an update for the ever so popular Little Registry Cleaner. Since the first release back in 2008, Little Registry Cleaner has become a top choice for speeding up Windows computers. Little Registry Cleaner has also gained notable reviews by companies such as CNET, PC Magazine, and PC Utilities.

How To Repair Windows 7 Slow Downloads

If you have the newest version of Windows 7, there are parts about it that you no doubt love and those which you could do without. As with any upgrade somethings are improved upon and others, well, not so much improvement is found. if you are finding that you are having a hard time with download speed, and it being significantly slower than your other version, there is a reason for that.

Why Is Windows Registry Important?

Whether you purchased a windows product for your home or office use, there are many restrictions and rules involved for its use and reproduction. In an effort for windows to have some control over who can upload their software, and to reduce the illegal production of that software, they installed piracy and licensing procedures to protect themselves, and ones that you need to use to protect yourself.

The Need For Registry Cleaners In Modern Day Computer Systems

Old Computer System

Registry errors can give an individual a harrowing experience. When your computer starts acting weird, then it can be truly irritating. In some cases, it is because of registry errors or some other similar errors, so there is a grave need for maintaining computer properly so that there’s no slow downs or crashes.