Reading The Boot Sector With Marshalling and P/Invoke

When developing an application for Windows, you’re likely to need some sort of functionality from the Windows API library. The Windows API is basically the backend of the Windows operating system. Since Windows APIs are mostly written in C/C++, you may think that you’ll need to write your program in C/C++ for it to work with it. This isn’t the case; C# (and other programming languages) can be used. In the fourth and final blog post in my series on C#, I will go through using marshaling and P/Invoke to read the NTFS (New Technology File System) boot sector.

Working With Collections

In the third part of my blog series on the C# programming language, I will go through the various types of collections. I use the term “collections” because it is a broad term and the different types of collections are explained below. One advantage of C# is not just the varying types of collections but also the number of ways to work with them.

Events and Delegates

In part two of my series on the C# programming language, I’m going to explain what a delegate and event is. There are a couple different meanings of a delegate in C#. All of the types (delegate, Action, Func, and Predicate) are delegates because they are function pointers to named and anonymous methods. For the purposes of this blog post, delegate refers to the specific data type and not the broader term.

Streams in C#

Binary Stream

Over the course of the following weeks, I am going to be publishing a series of blog posts on C#. I’m of course not talking about the musical note but rather the programming language. The purpose of these blog posts is to introduce you to some of the key concepts in C#. I would be stupid to say you’ll become an expert from this because there’s alot of different aspects to C# and it can’t all be explained in just four blog posts.

Backup MySQL Databases to Google Drive and FTP

I was looking for a way to backup my MySQL databases using Google Drive and FTP. So, I wrote this PHP script to do just that.This script is useful if you are using something like Little Software Stats, WordPress, or some other web application that utilizes a MySQL database.

Stop Spammers From Entering Your WordPress Site

If your like me and your WordPress website is getting spammed like crazy and nothing seems to be stopping them, then you need something that helps get rid of them once and for all. That’s where this plugin comes in that requires everyone to fill out a CAPTCHA before they can do anything on the WordPress website.

Get Notified When Your Computer Reboots

I was looking for a script or program that would automatically notify me when my Windows computer reboots and I came up empty. The reason I wanted it? I have a Windows Server and I have noticed that for whatever reason it was rebooting and I had no way in knowing if it was rebooted.

Automatically Post Updates To The Buffer API With PHP

In case your wondering, Buffer is a social networking app that lets you automatically (well sort of) post updates to your social profiles. The reason that I am saying that its not totally automatic is because you can only have updates posted for the current day and not lets say a week (or month) from now.

Automatically Follow Users On Twitter

Twitter bird

Everyone who has a Twitter account wants to have as many followers as possible. To help “tweeters” get more “twadds”, I have wrote this PHP script that will automatically search Twitter to find “tweeple” to follow and it will also follow “tweeple” that are already following you.

EZ Search Engine Pinger

EZ Search Engine Pinger

Today I created a little app in PHP that I thought I should share with everyone. It is a tool that allows users to submit multiple sitemaps to search engines automatically. This is a great app for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enthusiasts or anyone that is tired of having to manually resubmit their sitemap to search engines just because something was changed.