We have decided to let other businesses advertise on our website. This means that you can advertise your business to our 15,000+ visitors/month for a great low price. The current advertisement slot up for grabs is the 468×60 banner at the top of all of our web pages. All of our plans are PPC (Pay Per Click) so your only paying for whenever someone clicks on your ad. The prices for our current plans are listed below:

  • $20 For 100 Clicks
  • $50 For 250 Clicks
  • $100 For 500 Clicks
  • $200 For 1000 Clicks

You can buy your advertising space at http://www.little-apps.org/advertise/public/buy.php. Please note that all advertisements (and changes to them) are subject to a review before being allowed on our website. We currently only accept PayPal. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.