Today, Little Apps is proud to announce a website that (until now) was a secret. Over the years, we have become a source for not only open source software but also for experience in working with software. We have had several different ways people have contributed to our software, including development, translating, quality assurance, and designing. Now I have created “Open Source Works” which allows job seekers and employees to connect with employers.

I am not going to start comparing apples and oranges, but I will say that job boards related open source software are slim to none. Open Source Works will be a free job board (meaning that you don’t have to pay to signup) and for an optional donation of $75 USD, you can have your job posting featured on the front page. This job board is not just limited to open source software but also commercial and proprietary software.

The great thing about open source software is not just that the source code is available to the general public, but that it is built on the idea that everyone has the ability to contribute in some way to it. With the announcement of Open Source Works, my hope is that open source software will continue to grow and expand.

If you are involved with open source software and would like to sign up for Open Source Works, first go to You will have to select if your an job seeker or employer. If your an employer but you still want to seek jobs, just select employer, also if you select job seeker then you will not be able to post jobs but you will be able to post resumes. Next, you will need to enter your information which includes username, email address, and password. Once your all signed up, you will be able to apply for jobs or post jobs.

One great thing that I think everyone should try to utilize is the resumes. Even though you might not be able to find a job that interests you, you can post a resume so that employers will be able to find you and maybe they will have a job that you will like. This is the same for employers, if your not finding anyone interested in your job then you can search resumes to find job seekers that might be interested.

The one major factor that will contribute to the success of Open Source Works is people like you! We would like everyone to try and take the time to check Open Source Works website regularly so you too can be successful in the world of open source software. I am going to be working on a plugin so users can opt-in to receive regular emails and automatically post updates to Facebook and Twitter, so you can stay informed with whats happening in Open Source Works.

Thanks for taking the time to read about this is fantastic announcement and be sure to give it try by going to or clicking the logo below…