I was very skeptical when I heard that the world is suppose to end on December 21, 2012. In case your wondering where this theory came from, it was thought up by the Mayans thousands of years ago. Like many other civilizations, the Mayans have their own calendar that they go by. The only problem with their calendar was that it ends on December 21, 2012 (or the end of the 14th baktun).

I have learned some stuff about the Mayan civilization and they were a interesting civilization. They played a game known asĀ Mesoamerican ballgame where there were two hoops that lay sideways and you had to run up a little hill to throw the ball through the hoop. The odd thing was that whoever won the game didn’t win a medal but instead they were sacrificed to their god. Although the Mayan’s had some crazy beliefs, they also did some pretty neat stuff as well. For instance, they are probably first known civilization to study astronomy and they actually built their temples to align with celestial events.

Since the world is not ending like so many “experts” predicted, I am releasing v1.0 of Little Disk Cleaner. I have codenamed this release Doomsday because (you guessed it) it is released on the so called Doomsday. It includes some new features like a task scheduler and I have integrated Little Software Stats with it. I should also say that Little Software Stats is still scheduled to be released next year and I will be releasing the C++ library for it pretty soon. I have put a button below so you can download the install file or if you want the portable edition or source code then you can go to http://getlittleapps.com/little-disk-cleaner/v1.0/. Enjoy!

[downloadbutton url=”http://getlittleapps.com/little-disk-cleaner/v1.0/Little_Disk_Cleaner_12_21_2012.exe” info=”Windows / 4.13 MB”]