Whether you purchased a windows product for your home or office use, there are many restrictions and rules involved for its use and reproduction. In an effort for windows to have some control over who can upload their software, and to reduce the illegal production of that software, they installed piracy and licensing procedures to protect themselves, and ones that you need to use to protect yourself. It may not seem like a crime to reproduce the software once you purchase it. After all, it is not inexpensive, and can feel like a waste to spend all that money for just one machine, but if you purchase one product, it is good for only one computer, using it for more than that is illegal.

If you have ever installed software onto your computer, whether it was a windows application or any other, there was probably an immediate prompt asking if you wanted to register the product. For most, it seems like an annoyance, and something that is usually discarded immediately. Before you are too quick to press the “no” button and avoid registering the product, there are some things that you need to consider. There is an answer to the question of why is windows registry important.

One answer to the question why is windows registry important is that when you are uploading your new software, you will need the code located on the installation software to register your product. If you should misplace this code, which is not at all hard to do, you will not be able to register the product at all. Once the product code has been misplaced, you will not be able to register your product online, or any other way. There is only a 30 day window from the time you upload the software to register your product. It is best to do it when you have the opportunity, the prompt, and the information you will need handy, not at the last minute when you are scrambling to find it.

Another answer to why is windows registry important is because if you own a small business, or a large one, it is illegal to use the software on the computers without the proper license to operate them. In an attempt to secure the purchasing rights of the software, each of the programs will need to be registered independently. If there should ever come a time when your business experiences an audit, those registration number will become important. By registering windows independently on each computer, you are safeguarding yourself from licensing issues, and heading up some potentially disastrous consequences.

For your own benefit the answer to why is windows registry important is because it allows the consumer to utilize, not only free technical service if they should need help with the windows products, but also for them to get any updates for free to the existing software. If you should have an issue with your software, by registering it, you will have the free technical advice you need to walk it through. Instead of paying for any updates, you will be entitled to them if you register your product.

Although registering your windows program may seem like an additional hassle that does no one any good besides the windows corporation, in the end, it is a way for you to protect yourself, and to gain some free advantages that you won’t have if you don’t register. The answer to why is windows registry important is that by taking the time when you have the information available, you are safeguarding yourself, your company, and insuring that in the future, you won’t have any licensing or copying issues that can come back to haunt you. It is always best to head up danger before it happens.