If you have the newest version of Windows 7, there are parts about it that you no doubt love and those which you could do without. As with any upgrade somethings are improved upon and others, well, not so much improvement is found. if you are finding that you are having a hard time with download speed, and it being significantly slower than your other version, there is a reason for that. It isn’t a problem with the new programming, your computer, or a virus, it is a problem with your settings and one which can be resolved very easily. The problem with the download speed is in the communication on your computer and its ability to find the settings it needs to use to run the system. Your computer uses settings for every operation that it performs so when it is using inefficiently pathways, you will experience a longer time for that operation, that is most likely what is to blame for your Windows 7 slow downloads speed.

If your computer is running downloads slowly in Windows 7 the most likely culprit is how your computer is using the registry settings that were pre created for the application. When you try to download something from the internet, in effect, your computer is attempting to gain information and access from another system across the internet and transfer the information that it seeks. When it is attempting to transfer data, it not only has to sense, but to find, the information that it needs to read from the other computer. When your computer uses inefficient means to do so the likelihood that the riles will become unreadable or corrupt increases causing Windows 7 slow downloads.

Therefore, to fix the download speed on your Windows 7 slow downloads all you need to do is to change the settings on your computer and it will result in an increased speed of download. By going to the “registry cleaner” you should be able to correct the settings easily. The registry cleaner should know to scan over the files that are contained on your PC and fix whatever is damaged and to get your computer running smoothly and quickly again.

The registry cleaner was specifically designed to handle problems that arise such as Windows 7 slow downloads, but in this case, you have to guide it to do so. Unfortunately, the registry cleaner is not already on your computer, you will have to download one from the internet. Downloading them is not hard, there are many different programs that you can find that will do about the same job, the only difference is in the price.

If you are looking for the best Windows 7 slow downloads registry cleaner, simply do a google search. There are those which will cost a high amount, and those which will be more moderate to lower end. Just remember that you shouldn’t have this problem in the future, so investing a lot of money for a continual service may be overkill, and you may be wasting your money. Finding a registry cleaner that fixes the problem of Windows 7 slow downloads should be done at a very minimal cost.