Runtime Intelligence (RI) provides a consistent and reliable means to measure and monitor the business impact of the existing net applications, as well as the ongoing development investments within the company, including the planned IT modernization initiatives. Professionals within a given company rely greatly on information when it comes to making an informed decision. Through the information they have gathered, they will be able to come up with a smart decision quickly and confidently.

Such procedure is applied for the operations, sales and in the finance department as well. Software developers on the other hand, are missing a key source of data which leaves them no choice but to sometimes “fly blind” when they come up with an important decision, simply because they cannot find ways to obtain reliable and complete information.

Importance of Reliable Runtime Intelligence

What the software developers actually need is the Runtime Intelligence on how and to what extent their applications are to be used. Without this, they will not be able to address certain questions, like:

  • Am I testing the code in accordance with how it is going to be used in reality?
  • How is the software to be configured on the field?
  • How will the software perform in the real world situation?
  • What are the features that are being used and on what kind of combination?
  • What are the proper usage practices and patterns of the software?
  • When and under what conditions will users experience exceptions or unexplained behaviors?

For most software developers who are using programming languages such as C++ and .NET, there is a solution to their dilemma and that is the use of the Runtime Intelligence Service, as provided by Little Software Stats, which is a free and open source web application.

How RI Services Works

By merely integrating the libraries provided by Little Software Stats, you will be able to accurately choose which aspects of application usage is important in making a decision that is crucial to the company. The runtime data will then be streamed to the RI Services to come up with a near real time analysis as well as reporting against the Runtime Intelligence service database or on one of your hosts.

Integrating the RI services into the company’s business systems, like the CRM software or the Operations Management systems, is required in order to maximize the value of the critical information source. It is for this reason why the Runtime Intelligence service supports a variety of export utilities. With the RI services flowing through your desktop, mobile, server and cloud based applications you will be able to gain critical insights on your products, as well as those users that you have never heard of before. These insights will translate directly to a measurable benefit for the company.

Runtime Intelligence for BI and SDLC

Runtime Intelligence plays an important role in both BI or business intelligence and SDLC or software development lifecycle. As a part of BI, it helps improve the performance of the business by correlating the use of applications with the results that the business is getting. On the other hand, as a part of SDLC, it helps on the management side of things to provide support and development. Runtime Intelligence also provides the data needed to back up the need to invest on research and development.

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, Runtime Intelligence can help software developers follow up on their software and apps. It can help them monitor their apps and analyze the data that it provides so they can make better decisions as to what to do next. At the very least, it will show you how your software is being used by end users.