I’d like to take this time to talk about a new project I have started (and no, it’s not a baby). I have been working on it for a while but never had the time to get it to where it is now. The project is called “Little System Cleaner”. What it is (going to be) is Little Registry Cleaner, Little Registry Optimizer, Little Privacy Cleaner, and Little Disk Cleaner all bundled into one program. It is being programmed in C# and uses WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for the user interface. Like all Little Apps, it will be open source and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.

One of the main reasons for bundling Little Registry Cleaner, Little Registry Optimizer, Little Privacy Cleaner, and Little Disk Cleaner into Little System Cleaner is to decrease the time between software updates and to make the project more productive. It will also make it easier for users by only having to install one program instead of four programs. As for the future of Little Registry Cleaner, Little Registry Optimizer, Little Privacy Cleaner, and Little Disk Cleaner, that still remains unclear. What I can say though is that they will still remain available for download in binary and source code form.

At the current moment, Little System Cleaner is more than half way finished, but with that being said, there is still lots more work to be done on it. Little Registry Cleaner, Little Registry Optimizer, and Little Disk Cleaner have been ported into Little System Cleaner. Little Privacy Cleaner still needs to be ported, as well, I am considering adding Little Duplicate Finder (which I announced a few months ago now) into Little System Cleaner. There’s some other things that I am considering changing such as the backup system for Little Registry Cleaner. Little Software Stats will need to be integrated into Little System Cleaner also.

I have included some screenshots of Little System Cleaner below. You will see the user interface is quite simple. When you first open Little System Cleaner it will show various information about your system (such as CPU, RAM, etc) as well information about Little System Cleaner (your last scan, how many errors have been found and fixed, etc). You can change between cleaning tools (Registry Cleaner, Registry Optimizer, Disk Cleaner, etc) by selecting it from the drop down menu in the top left corner. Each cleaning tool will utilize a wizard in order for you to go from A to B as easy as possible. Clicking the question mark in the top right corner will allow you to view the help file, visit Little Apps’ website, check for updates and view information about Little System Cleaner.

Anyone that has experience programming or is looking to get experience programming is welcome to help with Little System Cleaner. Unlike most of the previous Little Apps projects, Little System Cleaner is hosted on GitHub. I thought that GitHub would be a better fit as it is currently the most widely used version control system and the most popular open source community. There are some downsides to GitHub though. It doesn’t offer the same feature request and bug tracker that LaunchPad does (I may have to setup some sort of bug tracker to fix this).

As I stated previously, Little System Cleaner is over half way done. Therefore, I can’t give any definitive date on when it will be released. You can keep on its progress by checking on the GitHub repository page every so often. And if your into programming and have Visual Studio (or SharpDevelop), then you can compile Little System Cleaner. But just note, that not everything may work properly. You can contact me if you would like to request a feature or to report a bug.

Little System Cleaner - Welcome Screen Little System Cleaner - Registry Cleaner Little System Cleaner - Startup Manager
Little System Cleaner - Uninstall Manager Little System Cleaner - Registry Optimizer Little System Cleaner - Disk Cleaner