Today I created a little app in PHP that I thought I should share with everyone. It is a tool that allows users to submit multiple sitemaps to search engines automatically. This is a great app for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enthusiasts or anyone that is tired of having to manually resubmit their sitemap to search engines just because something was changed.

How it works is by sending a message to a search engines “ping tool” to tell it to crawl the website again. Currently there are only two major¬†independent search engines (which is pretty much 2 out of 3) that still support sitemap pinging. The third major independent search engine ( or shut down their ping tool last month because they “now utilize a crawling method of adding new content to our search index”. Back in November 2011, Yahoo! also shut down their ping tool (aka Site Explorer) and they are no longer a independent search engine because their search results are now powered by Bing.

I did not setup a live preview of this script over fears that “black hats” are just going to use it for all the wrong reasons, so if you are a black hat your not going to be doing whatever your doing on my website. If you know of any other search engines that have a ping tool (and know something about coding) you can add the follow example line to index.html and also make sure you leave the “%s” somewhere in the ping URL:
[highlight lang=”html”]download EZ Search Engine Pinger here. If you have any comments, please leave them below. Enjoy!