Great Little Apps and Where to Find Them

The android operating system which is now used in a number of phones has been appreciated and more people are now adapting to the use of this system. This is because, it is flexible in that it allows users to use a lot of phone applications. On that note, there is the need to know where to find great little apps. Google play is one of the hubs where one can be able to get lots of great little apps to use in their phone.

Stop Spammers From Entering Your WordPress Site

If your like me and your WordPress website is getting spammed like crazy and nothing seems to be stopping them, then you need something that helps get rid of them once and for all. That’s where this plugin comes in that requires everyone to fill out a CAPTCHA before they can do anything on the WordPress website.

The History Of The Alarm Clock

Where would most of us be without an alarm clock? The answer to that question is, wherever it is, most likely we would be there late. The alarm clock, such a simple invention, can be considered one of the most important ones of all time, literally.

Why Is Windows Registry Important?

Whether you purchased a windows product for your home or office use, there are many restrictions and rules involved for its use and reproduction. In an effort for windows to have some control over who can upload their software, and to reduce the illegal production of that software, they installed piracy and licensing procedures to protect themselves, and ones that you need to use to protect yourself.

Benefits Of Open Source Software

There are several businesses nowadays that use open source software for their work. Although reasonable purchase and maintenance (in terms of cost) is one of the greatest advantages of using open source, it is not the only reason so many businesses are opting for it.

Saving Money This Christmas

Since I am all about free here at Little Apps and Christmas is just 10 days away, I thought I would share some holiday cheer with everyone. I have listed some pointers below that will help you save money and have a happy holiday.