Coming Soon: Little System Cleaner

I’d like to take this time to talk about a new project I have started (and no, it’s not a baby). I have been working on it for a while but never had the time to get it to where it is now. The project is called “Little System Cleaner”. What it is (going to be) is Little Registry Cleaner, Little Registry Optimizer, Little Privacy Cleaner, and Little Disk Cleaner all bundled into one program. It is being programmed in C# and uses WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for the user interface.

The 12 Apps Everyone Needs For (Virtually) Everything

Smartphones, tablets, laptops – devices like these are meant to make everyone’s life better. So why not equip them with actual applications that allow for an easier, more efficient, more enjoyable lifestyle? Of course, there are apps that are already a given, like those of social media networks and the ubiquitous Google services. Then there are those that are slightly less famous but just as useful – and even more helpful – for daily living.

Backup MySQL Databases to Google Drive and FTP

I was looking for a way to backup my MySQL databases using Google Drive and FTP. So, I wrote this PHP script to do just that.This script is useful if you are using something like Little Software Stats, WordPress, or some other web application that utilizes a MySQL database.

Why Runtime Intelligence is Important for Software Developers

Runtime Intelligence (RI) provides a consistent and reliable means to measure and monitor the business impact of the existing net applications, as well as the ongoing development investments within the company, including the planned IT modernization initiatives. Professionals within a given company rely greatly on information when it comes to making an informed decision.

GeoIP Update Problem With Little Software Stats

I was came to the realization that I haven’t been prompted to update the GeoIP database for Little Software Stats in a couple months so I figured I should do a check on whats up. After noticing the date on the GeoIP.dat file was for July, I knew right away that something wasn’t right. Long story short, it turned out there was a problem with file permissions and therefore it wasn’t showing that there was an update (when there was).

Great Little Apps and Where to Find Them

The android operating system which is now used in a number of phones has been appreciated and more people are now adapting to the use of this system. This is because, it is flexible in that it allows users to use a lot of phone applications. On that note, there is the need to know where to find great little apps. Google play is one of the hubs where one can be able to get lots of great little apps to use in their phone.

Little Registry Cleaner Update

Today, Little Apps is releasing an update for the ever so popular Little Registry Cleaner. Since the first release back in 2008, Little Registry Cleaner has become a top choice for speeding up Windows computers. Little Registry Cleaner has also gained notable reviews by companies such as CNET, PC Magazine, and PC Utilities.