Stop Spammers From Entering Your WordPress Site

If your like me and your WordPress website is getting spammed like crazy and nothing seems to be stopping them, then you need something that helps get rid of them once and for all. That’s where this plugin comes in that requires everyone to fill out a CAPTCHA before they can do anything on the WordPress website.

Another Project Completed

I haven’t been busy lately so I thought this would give me some time to work on another project. This time the project was a link shortener which was coded in PHP and MySQL. The “Little URL Shortener” is all custom coded (except for a few parts) and the design comes straight from a PSD (which I have permission to use). All of my projects are open source, so of course this one is too. This time I have the code hosted on GitHub instead of Launchpad.

How To Repair Windows 7 Slow Downloads

If you have the newest version of Windows 7, there are parts about it that you no doubt love and those which you could do without. As with any upgrade somethings are improved upon and others, well, not so much improvement is found. if you are finding that you are having a hard time with download speed, and it being significantly slower than your other version, there is a reason for that.

The History Of The Alarm Clock

Where would most of us be without an alarm clock? The answer to that question is, wherever it is, most likely we would be there late. The alarm clock, such a simple invention, can be considered one of the most important ones of all time, literally.

This Is Not A Joke!

April Fools

Your probably on Facebook or Twitter today finding all these amazing things that you think are true, but you look at the calendar and remember “Oh yeah, it’s April Fools Day so none of this is true”.

Why Is Windows Registry Important?

Whether you purchased a windows product for your home or office use, there are many restrictions and rules involved for its use and reproduction. In an effort for windows to have some control over who can upload their software, and to reduce the illegal production of that software, they installed piracy and licensing procedures to protect themselves, and ones that you need to use to protect yourself.

Announcing The First Release Of Little Software Stats

Back in April, we said that we were working on a new software program called “Little Software Stats”. Today, Little Apps is proud to announce the first release of Little Software Stats. This release is version 0.1 and we have codenamed it “Diamond”. Little Software Stats allows software developers to keep track of how their software is being used. This is the first run-time intelligence software to be released as free and open source.

The Need For Registry Cleaners In Modern Day Computer Systems

Old Computer System

Registry errors can give an individual a harrowing experience. When your computer starts acting weird, then it can be truly irritating. In some cases, it is because of registry errors or some other similar errors, so there is a grave need for maintaining computer properly so that there’s no slow downs or crashes.

Benefits Of Open Source Software

There are several businesses nowadays that use open source software for their work. Although reasonable purchase and maintenance (in terms of cost) is one of the greatest advantages of using open source, it is not the only reason so many businesses are opting for it.

Get Notified When Your Computer Reboots

I was looking for a script or program that would automatically notify me when my Windows computer reboots and I came up empty. The reason I wanted it? I have a Windows Server and I have noticed that for whatever reason it was rebooting and I had no way in knowing if it was rebooted.